December 16: Allie Graduates

Allie graduates from University of San Francisco. We cross the Bay Bridge and debrief on the ceremony. Featuring Allie's dad, Harry.

December 14: Standard (Ass) Day

Allie forgets to record herself today and Devin leaves a depressing message at the end of a standard day.

December 10: Aggressive Cookie Making

Van Fleet comes over and we make cookies. The process is very agressive and Devin realizes he's been an asshole his whole life.

December 9: You're My Gang

While on the hunt for a gang we accidentily fall into a Meetup, which makes us reevaluate everything.

December 8: A Poem About A Bird

Allie is touched by the beauty of a gross bird. She is asked to share that beauty through poetry one year later.

December 4: Politics and Pie

We come home from a dinner party where we weren't the smartest people there. (We're tired in this one.)

December 3: Kiss From A Rose

We met near the jukebox at The Kingfish bar in Oakland back in 2015. Allie was playing her signature song: Kiss From a Rose. 

December 2: Who's Funnier?

Allie forgets to record her side of the conversation. We listen to Devin's side and both get a chance to revise an argument over who is funnier.

December 1: The Prank

Our inaugeral episode cuts down more than an hour of useless conversation into one moment. Listen to how the show got started and how we keep entertained when there's nothing left to say.

The Last 31: An Intro

Welcome to The Last 31. Each day in December we'll release a new episode which corresponds with the same day in December of last year. On December 1 you'll be hearing what we recorded on December 1 of last year, and so on. Love, Allie + Devin